American Crime Story...

3 seasons

An anthology series centered around America's most notorious crimes and criminals.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creators: Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski

For Life (2020–2021)

23 seasons

A prisoner becomes a lawyer, litigating cases for other inmates while fighting to overturn his own life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creator: Hank Steinberg

Alias Grace (2017)

1 seasons

A housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned in 1843, perhaps wrongly, for the murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear. Grace claims to have no memory of the murder yet the facts are irrefutable. A decade after, Dr. Simon Jordan tries to help Grace recall her past.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available: …

The Great (2020 – )

10 seasons

A royal woman living in rural Russia during the 18th century is forced to choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia, when she marries an Emperor.Genre: Biography, Comedy, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creator: Tony McNamara

Dickinson (2019 – )

20 seasons

Emily Dickinson. Poet. Daughter. Total rebel. In this coming-of-age story, Emily’s determined to become the world’s greatest poet.Genre: Biography, Comedy, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creator: Alena Smith

Il Capo Dei Capi (2007)

6 seasons

This italian mini-series describes significant subtleties from the life of Salvatore Riina, a standout amongst the most dominant mafia figures of the 1980s, an individual from the criminal mafia pack that has turned into the most dominant criminal association of the twentieth century.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creators: Domenico Starnone, Claudio …

SCAM 1992: The Harsh...

10 seasons

Set in 1980's and 90's Bombay, it follows the life of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who took the stock market to dizzying heights and his catastrophic downfall.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available: | English | Creator: Hansal Mehta

The Last Dance (2020)

1 seasons

A 10-part documentary chronicling the untold story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls dynasty with rare, never-before-seen footage and sound from the 1997-98 championship season – plus over 100 interviews with famous figures and basketball’s biggest names.Genre: Documentary, Biography, HistorySubtitles available: | English | Creator: Jason Hehi

Spartacus: Gods of t...

1 seasons

In the time before the arrival of Spartacus, the House of Batiatus faces many challenges from competitors, and within its own household.Genre: Action, Adventure, BiographySubtitles available:  | English |Creator: Steven S. DeKnight

When They See Us (2019)

1 seasons

Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. Based on the true story.Genre: Biography, Crime, DramaSubtitles available:  | English | Creator: Ava DuVernay